Inventory Forecasting and Planning

Build and forecast your inventory

At Eggs Unlimited, we leverage our connections to track and understand key market trends and pricing information in both the short and long term. Our daily conversations with key players in the egg industry are among our primary data sources. We use these firsthand accounts to educate our customers on the dynamics behind pricing so they can build inventory when prices are low. Additionally, the market data from our conversations tells us when price increases are coming and why current prices, even if high, may be best. We also know from the history of the egg industry — and our role in it — that seasonal factors alone do not explain the market’s future. We’re intimately familiar with the market’s drivers, how long markets last, and where they go.

With the information we share on these factors, our buyers can make the most informed spending decisions possible.

Potential factors in inventory forecasting

Our goal as we help customers build and forecast their inventory is to provide transparency into supply chain conditions. This includes the following factors:

  • Rising inflation
  • The resurgence of avian influenza
  • Demand
  • Retail features
  • Weather-related events
  • Foodservice promotions
  • New product initiatives
  • Single-facility impacts such as fires or storms
  • International and exporting trends

Aligning buying and selling needs

All Eggs Unlimited customers are paired with a dedicated account management team that learns all about the customer’s business. This is how we meaningfully connect buyers and sellers while ensuring that both parties get exactly the products they need.

Analyzing supplier performance

The Eggs Unlimited team includes dedicated buyers that work with producers to understand product and inventory levels. Our in-house logistics team oversees timely pickups and deliveries of the products we broker. Every part of the process, from payments to transportation, is within our purview. We work constantly with suppliers to ensure product delivery and quality.

Why Eggs Unlimited?

Eggs Unlimited oversees inventory position tracking for retail grocers, distributors, food service companies, and institutional buyers around the globe. Through a robust global supply chain, our experts can offer customers shelled and liquid eggs in any form, in any quantity, packaged to their precise specifications. Custom and branded packaging options allow our customers to put their own spin on the eggs they buy. Plus, by leveraging our unique connections and decades of experience, our customers can devise strategies that grow their bottom line while ensuring the egg supply arrives on time and complete.


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