Buy Eggs in Frozen Buckets

How large are frozen buckets of eggs?

Frozen buckets of pasteurized liquid whole eggs weigh approximately 30 pounds. 

Benefits of frozen eggs in buckets

Frozen egg buckets streamline the transportation and storage of high-volume egg product supplies for retail or commercial use. These buckets additionally block oxygen and light, preventing contamination and preserving egg product. 

how many eggs are in frozen egg bucket?

Understanding the conversion and packaging of our egg products is crucial for efficient kitchen operations and accurate recipe formulations. Our 30lb frozen egg product contains approximately 240 eggs, offering a scalable solution for high-volume cooking and baking needs. Additionally, one pound of our liquid egg product is equivalent to 10 large eggs, providing a precise and consistent standard for your culinary creations.

What are the benefits of frozen eggs?

Frozen eggs in buckets (pails) arrive shelled and ready to use. This convenience can reduce the amount of prep work needed in large-scale foodservice or other commercial operations. Frozen eggs also have a long shelf life of up to two years.

What types of eggs are available in frozen buckets?

You can receive many types of frozen eggs in buckets, such as frozen whole (homogenized) egg, frozen egg whites, and frozen egg yolks. Frozen buckets of organic, cage-free, Certified Humane®, or free-range eggs can be purchased in bulk too.

When buying frozen egg products, What signs to look for?

Ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for our products is paramount at Eggs Unlimited. Here’s how we meet these criteria:

Pasteurized: Every product carries the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) mark of inspection, a testament to our adherence to stringent pasteurization processes. This mark guarantees that our eggs have been treated to eliminate pathogens, ensuring safety and extending shelf life.

Tightly Sealed: Our packaging process guarantees that each container is tightly sealed. This crucial step prevents contamination and maintains the product’s integrity from our facility to your table. Our sealing techniques are designed to protect the freshness and quality of our eggs.

No Signs of Thawing: We strictly monitor our products to ensure they show no signs of thawing. This vigilance is critical for products that require refrigeration, as it ensures they remain at the optimal temperature throughout transportation and storage. By maintaining a consistent cold chain, we assure our customers of the product’s freshness and safety.

At Eggs Unlimited, we commit to these practices to deliver products that meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and freshness.

Why Eggs Unlimited?

Eggs Unlimited is the sales and procurement partner for some of the world’s largest egg customers. Our customers trust us with their needs, from sourcing to packaging to logistics. Shipments are carefully packaged, labeled,and delivered to their final destination with the help of our talented and trusted staff. Thanks to our strong supply chains and robust relationships across the industry, our suppliers can cast a wider net when it comes time to pack your order, ensuring your delivery arrives complete and on time. Plus, our experts provide insight into the latest packaging trends and options, so you can make the most informed decisions for your company.

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