What’s in it for our producers

Our producers gain peace of mind and an expanded customer base.

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A world of opportunity

Hundreds of the world’s largest producers and processors trust Eggs Unlimited to expand their business across the United States and around the globe. This means getting their products in front of thousands of new potential customers and helping them manage daily longs and shorts. Eggs Unlimited offers unmatched market insight so that they can plan positions and maximize the value of their eggs or egg products, regardless of market conditions. Our team facilitates trading into international markets, removing the risk and uncertainty from the export process. Eggs Unlimited has a growing customer base around the globe and is always looking for the next opportunity for our producer and processing partners.

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Peace of Mind

In working with Eggs Unlimited, our producers gain peace of mind. We ensure inventories are turned over quickly, trucks arrive on time, and payments are made promptly through ACH transfers. With our vast customer network, we can cast a wider net than our producers can independently. This means they can count on us—any time—to find homes for their products at a fair market price. Working in true partnership, we are an extension of their sales team. Our producers know that, week in and week out, they will deal with the same dedicated Eggs Unlimited team members, who will issue purchase orders effectively while preventing logistical headaches.