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We are built for your success

At Eggs Unlimited, we explore more options, more thoroughly, and more quickly than anyone else in the egg industry. How? Our success lies in our interconnected teams.

Sales Team

Our sales team works directly with customers as an extension of their procurement team.
We help customers secure what they need, when they need it, at the best possible price.

Tim Cohen
Kyle Kilcher
Ryan Herold
Brian Moscogiuri
Jeff Kandell
Leah Wood

Michael Borthick
Rick Saucedo
Hunter Wawers
Olga Shulgina
Grace Byeon
Mohini Pande

Accounting Team

Our accounting team manages all billing, invoicing, and receivables in a timely manner.
We are always available to help and answer questions about payments and accounts.

Frank Cohen
Nicole Lay
Brent Roland
Giovanni Arce
Anna Lissa Maceda
Armi Borromeo

Imily Avelina
Jonilyn Tahum
Learni Felina
Emma Oinal
Jastyne Thea Banigoos

Customer Success Team

Our customer success team works with key accounts to help manage supply chain, scheduling, marketing initiatives, promotions, and corporate responsibility claims.

Shealia Finley
Olga Shulgina
Kelsey Chopp
Grace Byeon

Mohini Pande
Gabrielle Ulnick
Jennifer Aguilar

Purchasing Team

Our purchasing team works directly with producers as an extension of their sales team.
We help them uncover new opportunities and generate better value for their product.

Tim Cohen
Brian Moscogiuri

Kyle Kilcher
Kelsey Chopp
Kristopher Reischer

Logistics Team

Our logistics team works to remove uncertainty. We ensure shipments are picked up and delivered on time. With expansive outreach in the freight market and a broad contact base, we troubleshoot and address issues effectively and affordably.

Kristin Fennell
Jon Laino
Toni Chappell
Guadalupe Raya
Gift Freeman
Yenissie Varona
Learni Felina

Yzra Faylogna
Randolph Pascua
Thien Padernal
Cavin Belga
Amy Cheng
Brandi Wooldridge

Stephanie Rodriguez
Gabrielle Ulnick
Daniel Esguerra
Darwin Obeal
Maridel Felina
Marjan Malate
Micaela Iglesias