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30 dozen of flat wholesale eggs by the truck load for eggs unlimited cage free organic, stacked with multiple colors

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How are 30 dozen eggs packaged?

Packs of 30 dozen eggs are packed loose (on flats) or in cartons. Filler flats are typically made of cardboard. Cartons can be made of Styrofoam, pulp, or plastic. The cartons or filler flats inside the case match the eggs’ size and shape to protect them and minimize loss.

Can I get 30 dozen eggs of any type?

You can order 30 dozen eggs from any type of production. This includes organic, cage-free, free-range, conventional, non-GMO, and pasture-raised eggs. Whether you prefer brown or white shells, you can order 30 dozen or more to suit your specific requirements. Our commitment is to provide high-quality egg to meet the diverse preferences of our clients.

Rely on us for flexible options and timely delivery, ensuring you have the right eggs for any purpose.

Open box of 5 dozen Eggs Unlimited, showcasing neatly packed, high-quality eggs in secure compartments to ensure freshness and safety during delivery. Ideal for bulk purchases by businesses and households looking for organic, cage-free, and conventional options, from eggs unlimited egg wholesaler and cage free eggs

Are there additional packaging options for 30 dozen eggs?

Eggs Unlimited offers clear, thin plastic overwraps are also available for 30 dozen eggs. These overwraps cover the eggs in a filler flat to further protect them.

What are the box measurements for a case of 30 dozen eggs?

The box measurements for a case of 360 eggs are 12 in wide, 24 in long, and 13.75 in high. It can hold 30 cartons of 12 eggs, or 12 jumbo filler flats of 20 or 30 eggs. The box may have handles on the ends for carrying, and a z-liner inside for additional packaging safety.

30 Dozen Eggs Approximate Weights:

Close-up view of a 5 dozen bundle of brown Eggs Unlimited, highlighting the quantity and quality of sustainably sourced, brown eggs for customers valuing ethical and environmental standards in their egg purchases.
Egg Sizes12 Count Egg Carton Weight30 Dozen Eggs Weight
Small 18 ounces540 ounces
Jumbo30 ounces900 ounces

How to store 30 dozen eggs?

All eggs should stay in the 30 dozen cases in which they arrive. These containers are designed to cushion your eggs and reduce breakage until the eggs are used.

What certifications are available?

Egg product may come with certification seals from United Egg Producers (UEP), American Humane (AH), and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), or the USDA. These entities oversee production guidelines that producers and processors follow to satisfy corporate or legislative requirements.

Why order 30 dozen eggs from Eggs Unlimited?

From procurement to distribution, Eggs Unlimited provides a full range of services that go beyond simply shipping eggs. Customers around the world turn to Eggs Unlimited with their needs, from trusted market analysis and insight to navigating shipping and logistics. And when unforeseen market conditions affect supply, our resilient supply chains ensure you’ll get the eggs you need to keep your business running.

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