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Eggs Unlimited is one of the world’s leading suppliers of dried eggs. Through its partnerships with processors across the US and around the globe, we are ready to service your egg ingredient needs. We offer dried egg powders from conventional, cage-free, and even organic production.

When you buy dried eggs from Eggs Unlimited, you’re sourcing from a global leader in the egg industry. Our relationships with processors around the world give customers confidence in their supply chain. We offer dried eggs at competitive prices, in any pack, and ship them directly to your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

We work with our customers to provide spec sheets and samples from various suppliers to ensure the product meets functional requirements. We also handle the collection and distribution of product certifications and COAs. Our logistics team can provide real-time tracking on deliveries and insurance on high-value loads to create peace-of-mind.

What are Dried|POWDERED eggs?

Dried eggs are the result of a spray-drying process that removes liquid from eggs, leaving an egg solid powder.

Types of Dried|POWDERED eggs

Dried egg comes in three main types: whole eggs, egg yolks, and whites or albumen. Specialty blends and dried egg with other ingredients and/or performance agents are also available.

The type of dried egg customers use often depends on desired functional properties or nutritional requirements. For example, whole egg offers the properties and nutrition of a standard shell egg. Manufacturers may use egg whites for added protein or their binding properties. Egg yolks may be used to add color, taste, and richness in large-scale industrial food processing for desserts and sauces.

What are Dried|POWDERED eggs used for?

Dried egg products have a longer shelf life and are shelf stable. Dried egg products readily reconstitute and easily blend with other dry ingredients. Dried eggs can also be useful for exporting since their shelf life and durability allows for easier overseas shipping.

The advantages of Dried|POWDERED eggs

  • Long shelf life. Dried eggs can last up to 18 months if they remain sealed and unexposed to oxygen. Dried whole egg solids last longer when stored at a temperature under 50°F.
  • Durability. Dried eggs are versatile and easy to handle making for easier use in large-scale food processing and manufacturing.
  • Easier storage. Dried egg typically comes in 50 lb. boxes stacked on pallets. They are relatively easy to store since they do not need to be refrigerated and have a long shelf life.

How are Dried|POWDERED eggs made?

Dried eggs are typically a result of a spray-drying process. Here, eggs are preheated and then added to a spray-drying chamber, also known as a hot box. Inside this chamber, the eggs are exposed to extremely hot air – the temperature hovers around 300°F – so that the liquid in the egg rapidly evaporates. This leaves behind the dried egg solid, which is collected, bagged, and boxed. 

In spray-drying, roughly 4.3 pounds of liquid whole egg becomes one pound of dried whole egg. Eight pounds of egg whites are necessary for one pound of dried whites. Roughly 2.2 lbs of liquid yolk result in one pound of dried yolk. These conversions differ because there are more solids in the yolk and more water in the egg white. This means that more of the egg white evaporates during spray-drying, so more liquid egg white is needed for the same dried volume.

Dried eggs vs. Dried|POWDERED eggs

Dried eggs and powdered eggs are one and the same. Another common and synonymous term is “egg solids.” The choice of term is entirely the supplier’s preference. 

How much dried egg does it take to equal one egg?

The American Egg Board provides the below conversion table for dried egg (egg solids), shell egg, and frozen product.

Egg TypeFrozen Product (lb.)Shell Egg* (Quantity)Egg Solids(lb.)
Whole19.25 solids + .75 water
Yolks122.45 solids + .55 water
Whites114.12 solids + .88 water
*Based on 61g shell egg (25.8oz per dozen) yielding 53g whole, 21g yolk, and 32g white per egg.


How are Dried|POWDERED eggs packaged?

Powdered eggs are packaged in plastic bags, containers, or jars. In some cases, they are available in cardboard canisters. No matter their type of packaging, they will start vacuum-sealed so that oxygen exposure does not spoil them. This packaging approach results in the powder’s extended shelf life.

Dried eggs certifications

Dried eggs may come with certifications from American Humane (AH), United Egg Producers (UEP), Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), and the USDA. These bodies outline egg production guidelines that many farmers follow. USDA certifications require site visits at least twice annually to verify appropriate production conditions. These certifications may appear on dried egg labels as the regulatory body’s logo.

Why Eggs Unlimited?

As one of the world’s largest dried egg suppliers, Eggs Unlimited has the skills, infrastructure, and knowledge to navigate buyers and sellers through shifting marketplace dynamics. Through our diversified, robust network of processors, we create a reliable supply chain for buyers and sellers alike amid all circumstances. Our in-house logistics and market analysis experts combine their knowledge with industry trends to service any dried egg buyer or seller’s needs.


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