Frozen Eggs

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Frozen Eggs Wholesale Products

Eggs Unlimited is one of the leading global suppliers of frozen egg products. We maintain partnerships with processors throughout the world to source high-quality product at the best prices. We have a unique understanding of real-time market dynamics and manage all of the logistics to ensure on-time delivery to your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

What are frozen egg products?

Frozen egg is typically packed in 30-pound pails or buckets and stored at zero degrees Fahrenheit or below to preserve their long-term freshness. Frozen egg is an easy and convenient option for industrial needs such as large-scale food processing. Frozen egg types include whole egg, white, and yolk. Other ingredients, like sugar and salt, can be added to the egg during the production process. 

Benefits of frozen egg products

  • A greater shelf life. Frozen eggs can have a shelf life of up to two years. This makes them a versatile ingredient for food and beverage manufacturers with frozen storage capabilities.
  • Convenience. Frozen pails are convenient to use and easy to store. Their shelf-life allows processors and end-users to take supply positions and hedge against market volatility.
  • Quick to use. Frozen eggs have the shells removed, so your kitchen staff can skip a step in the food preparation process.

What frozen egg product types are available?

Frozen eggs are available in conventional, cage-free, and organic varieties.

Frozen Egg Processing

Frozen eggs are often used in manufacturing and at large commercial bakeries. For example, in ice cream manufacturing, frozen eggs are often added to warm mixes before going through a frozen application. Frozen eggs are also a popular option for many distributors and international buyers.

Does the nutritional value of frozen eggs change?

Frozen eggs have the same nutritional value as fresh eggs or liquid, depending on the equivalent product type.

Frozen egg certifications

Frozen eggs may carry certifications from the USDA, Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC), American Humane (AH), and United Egg Producers (UEP). Though cage-free or specialty production guidelines are not specific to frozen egg products, processors can dedicate eggs produced under these certifying bodies to meet customer’s specifications. 

Additionally, for a farmer to maintain a USDA certification, they must go through at least two annual on-site inspections. You may find these frozen egg certifications on the packaging, typically in the form of the regulatory body’s logo.

Why partner with Eggs Unlimited?

As one of the largest egg companies across the globe, Eggs Unlimited leverages decades of expertise, leadership, and knowledge to navigate the marketplace. Through our extensive network, we maintain a diversified supply chain through which we can face any challenges and consistently deliver products on time. Our in-house experts also specialize in market insights and logistics management to find, and act upon, key opportunities for both buyers and sellers.


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