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What are overwraps?

Overwraps are plastic sheets that go over a carton of eggs to help preserve their quality. They keep debris off eggs and help to hold eggs in place in transport. 

How are overwraps used?

Overwraps are typically used to cover recycled paper pulp stock filler flats that don’t come with tops. Once eggs are placed into this packaging, they are sent through a machine that surrounds the filler flats with plastic sheeting. Overwraps can also be used to secure and protect loose eggs.

Our advanced machinery takes the packaging process a step further by automatically sealing each egg package. This is achieved through a conveyor belt system that efficiently moves the egg packages under a sealing unit. Our dedicated team oversees this process from start to finish, Attention to detail and automation enhances the integrity of the packaging, providing an added layer of protection for the eggs. This seamless integration of technology and manual oversight guarantees that our eggs safely transportation across distances, maintaining their freshness and quality.

Factory floor at Eggs Unlimited with rows of eggs securely wrapped and prepped for shipping, highlighting our dedication to safe handling and efficient distribution.

How Can I Find a Reliable Egg Supplier That Ships Safely and Quickly Nationwide?

At Eggs Unlimited, we’re equipped to quickly and safely overwrap and ship large quantities of eggs across the United States and around the world. Thanks to our advanced plastic overwrap machines and a dedicated team of professionals, we can ensure each egg is protected and each shipment is accurately tracked.

Our technology and hardworking staff enable us to efficiently manage and deliver vast amounts of eggs, maintaining high standards of safety and effectiveness. With Eggs Unlimited, you can count on reliable and swift distribution of high-quality eggs, wherever you are.

Why Eggs Unlimited?

For decades, Eggs Unlimited has saved our customers time and money. Our egg supply networks are built to be resilient, thanks to a diverse, global network of suppliers. We’re here to be a true partner for every QSR, distributor, retailer that trusts us with their egg supply needs.

But we do not stop there. When you work with Eggs Unlimited, you also get:

  • Access to market insights our customers can use to grow their business
  • A dedicated staff proven to meet any challenges that may arise in egg supply needs
  • Experts who oversee your logistics needs, from pickup to delivery

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