18 Count Egg Cartons

Image showcasing an 18-count package of white eggs yellow background , highlighting Eggs Unlimited's ability to offer safe packaging and delivery options in 18-egg configurations or any other requested sizes. The image serves to reassure customers of Eggs Unlimited's commitment to flexibility and care in meeting their specific egg packaging and shipping needs.

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The leading international QSRs and foodservice organizations trust Eggs Unlimited with their egg supply needs. Eggs Unlimited leads with experience. The leading QSRs and food service organizations trust us with their 18 count egg carton needs. Use these cartons to hold any kind of shelled egg product of any size. 

What material is used for 18 count egg cartons?

18 count egg cartons are made of rigid plastic, pulp stock, or foam.

Can I get 18 count egg cartons of any type?

18 count egg cartons of any material are available for cage-free, organic, free-range, non-GMO, pasture-raised, conventional, brown, or white eggs. Egg sizes ranging from small to jumbo are available in 18 count egg cartons as well. Additionally, you can order duck or quail eggs in 18 count egg cartons.

Can I add a custom label for 18 count egg cartons?

Producer-label 18 count egg cartons are available through Eggs Unlimited, as are Lindsey’s Gold private label. We can also assist with obtaining or creating branded cartons. Contact us to discuss our branding and labeling solutions.

Are there additional packaging options for 18 count egg cartons?

18 count egg cartons are available with filler flats between rows of cartons. These are cardboard egg cartons without tops that are designed to accommodate large-volume industrial storage.

18 count egg cartons arrive in plastic or cardboard cases. A protective plastic sheet known as overwrap can also be used in your packaging.

How much do 18 count egg cartons weigh?

18 count egg carton weights can be extrapolated from the USDA’s 12-count carton weight standards. Multiplying these figures by 1.5 results in the approximate weights of 18 count cartons. The weights for 18 count egg cartons are thus as follows.

18 Count Egg Sizes18 Count Egg Carton Weight
Peewee22.5 ounces
Small 27 ounces
Medium31.5 ounces
Large36 ounces
Extra Large40.5 ounces
Jumbo45 ounces

How do you store 18 count egg cartons?

You should refrigerate 18 count egg cartons in their original packaging. Their typical shelf life is approximately five weeks.

What certifications are available?

United Egg Producers (UEP), USDA, American Humane (AH), and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) egg product certifications are available. These certifying entities oversee production guidelines that processors and producers follow to satisfy legislation or corporate commitments.

Why Eggs Unlimited?

Eggs Unlimited operates on behalf of the world’s largest egg industry entities to service all sourcing, logistics, inventory, and other supply chain needs. As industry leaders, we can navigate any kind of market challenge, ensuring our clients can get the supplies they need. We take great pride in our creative solutions, wide network, and the market insight we’ve built over decades of hands-on experience in the egg industry.

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