Chicken feed ingredients and classifications

In most industrial settings, chicken feed is two-thirds corn and one-third soy. That said, a 50-year egg industry study found that many farmers have improved their hen feed while minimizing soybean and corn usage. 

All feed used in industrial egg production must be equally suitable for producing and non-producing hens. Grains free of conventional pesticides or fertilizers may also qualify as organic under USDA standards. Egg product from hens with diets comprising solely this feed may be classified as organic.

Chicken feed input costs and pricing

Corn and soy are the two major input costs in the grains used for chicken feed. Egg producers’ and grain suppliers’ knowledge of these input costs is often the basis of price agreements in standard market conditions. Cost-plus deals are also common, reflecting these inputs’ prices as well as a premium for services. 

Eggs Unlimited tracks the soy and corn market through our regular conversations with egg industry titans. We use the trends and prices we observe to analyze and predict future prices. We then create deals amenable to both egg producers and grain suppliers.

How often are hens fed?

In industrial settings, hens must be provided fresh feed on a daily basis in accordance with United Egg Producers (UEP) standards. This fresh feed must be constantly accessible and free of mold, insects, rodents, litter, or waste. Water must be similarly accessible around the clock.


Hens that eat organic feed and meet USDA criteria produce organic eggs. Grain suppliers within the Eggs Unlimited network offer certified organic feed, and Eggs Unlimited sources USDA organic, cage-free, and free-range eggs. We also offer product with UEP certification and Humane Certified® pasture-raised recognition from Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC).

Why Eggs Unlimited?

The world’s largest egg industry entities trust Eggs Unlimited to handle all their packaging, product, and service needs. We cover needs starting with bag-in-box packaging, import and export, and duck egg sourcing for giants in QSR, foodservice, processing, distribution, production, and retail. Our decades of industry connections and experience, alongside our rooting in family values, power our every move.

Our network is uniquely strong, and it’s among our primary sources for the data we use when arranging favorable contracts or making price-based decisions. This is data you can’t get elsewhere — it’s a product of solely the connections we’ve made over the years. When you choose Eggs Unlimited, you get a one-of-a-kind partnership with a major name. 


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