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Eggs Unlimited Specialty eggs bulk wholesale Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Blue heirloom eggs (3)
Eggs Unlimited Specialty eggs bulk wholesale Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Blue heirloom eggs (3)

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What are heirloom eggs?

Heirloom eggs are chicken eggs that heirloom breeds of hens lay. Azur hens are the most common of these breeds. These eggs’ nutrition and chemistry are exactly the same as chicken eggs, as is their taste. There are only physical differences. 

Heirloom egg size and appearance 

Heirloom eggs are noted for their pastel blue shells, which cannot come from any other breeds of hen that lay commercial eggs. Some heirloom eggs may also have orange yolks. In particular, heirloom hens living on a free-range egg farm may produce orange yolks given the hens’ diet of greens, grasses, and clovers. The pigments in these plants alter the yolk’s color but not its taste.

Heirloom eggs are the same size as regular white eggs. They are simply standard chicken eggs with blue shells unique to the breeds that lay them. This is similar to how brown eggs come solely from certain breeds and the color is their only difference from white eggs.

Eggs Unlimited Specialty eggs bulk wholesale Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Blue heirloom eggs (3)

nutrition Table

Calories6 grams
Protein5 grams
Total Fat1.5 grams
Saturated Fat0 grams
Total carbohydrate0 grams
Cholesterol185 milligrams
Sodium70 milligrams
Dietary Fiber0 grams
Total Sugars0 grams
Vitamin D6 micrograms

Heirloom egg nutrition

Since they are chemically and nutritionally the same as white eggs, heirloom eggs are as healthy as other chicken eggs. They are especially high in vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats.

Heirloom eggs contain the below nutrients:

  • Choline, which supports nerve function, memory, metabolism, and brain activity
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins B2, B5, B12, D, and E
  • Ample protein

How are heirloom eggs used?

Institutional buyers, large distributors, and other commercial buyers can use heirloom eggs just as they would normal eggs. Heirloom eggs taste the same as other chicken eggs, and they are chemically identical.

How to store heirloom eggs

Heirloom eggs should be stored in the refrigerator in their original packaging. As with regular eggs, their shelf life hovers around five weeks.

Heirloom certifications

Heirloom eggs may be certified free-range, organic, cage-free, or pasture-raised. The USDA regulates free-range, cage-free, and organic eggs. Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and Animal Welfare Approved regulate pasture-raised eggs. Eggs Unlimited offers heirloom eggs with these certifications, as well as other certifications from American Humane Certified (AHC) and United Egg Producers (UEP).

Why Eggs Unlimited?

Eggs Unlimited is among the largest U.S. egg distributors, with connections spanning the world. Our knowledge and relationships are how we build steady supplies of heirloom eggs for large buyers such as universities and manufacturers. We have the network and know-how to uphold this supply even amid times of supply-chain crisis. 

Alongside heirloom eggs, we can add other types of eggs, including cage-free eggs, liquid eggs, and more, into any large buyer’s supply. We also work with farmers who prioritize animal and environmental ethics in their egg production. We strive to keep our planet as excellent as the eggs we supply for our buyers.

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