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Quail eggs are becoming increasingly common, and they are highly similar to traditional chicken eggs. Large-scale buyers such as quick-service restaurant franchises and food manufacturers often get their quail eggs from Eggs Unlimited, one of the largest American egg distributors. With decades of experience and a vast, reliable network, Eggs Unlimited is among the most trusted bulk quail egg suppliers in the world.

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What are Quail eggs?

Quail eggs are eggs that quails lay. Like chicken eggs, they contain egg whites and egg yolks. Notably, they are often sold unpasteurized, which is not the case with chicken eggs. 

quail egg size and appearance 

Quail egg shells are cream-colored and come with brown speckles. It’s rare to find two quail eggs with the same splotching or speckle pattern. If you crack the shell and look at the yolk, you’ll see that its yellow hue is deeper than with chicken eggs.

Most chicken eggs are three times larger than quail eggs, but these tiny eggs have their place in kitchens and in grocery stores the world over.

Eggs Unlimited Specialty eggs bulk wholesale Quail Eggs, Duck Eggs, Blue heirloom eggs

nutrition Table

Calories14 grams
Protein1 grams
Total Fat1 grams
Total carbohydrate0 grams
Total carbohydrate0 grams
Choline4% of daily value (DV)
Riboflavin6% of DV
Folate2% of DV
Iron2% of DV
Phosphorus2% of DV
Selenium2% of DV
Vitamin A2% of DV
Vitamin B122% of DV
Vitamin D6 micrograms

Quail egg nutrition

As with classic chicken eggs, quail eggs are hailed for their health benefits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they are a great source of protein.

Below is the nutritional profile of a standard nine-gram quail egg. Five quail eggs of this size have roughly the same caloric value as two standard chicken eggs.

Quail egg taste

Most people who have eaten quail eggs find that they taste very similar to chicken eggs, though perhaps slightly richer. 

How are quail eggs used?

Large-scale food processing operations may use quail eggs in baking or cooking applications. It is also possible that, as quail eggs continue growing in popularity, quick-service restaurants will begin offering them in place of chicken eggs.

Quail eggs can be cooked in all the same ways as chicken eggs. Raw quail eggs are also a delicacy in some cultures.

How to store quail eggs

You should refrigerate quail eggs just as you would with chicken eggs. If you order unpasteurized quail eggs, you may need to wash them before storing them depending on how you plan to use them. If so, let your quail eggs air dry at room temperature before storing them. Note that washing quail eggs removes their outer protective layer, shortening their shelf life.

Quail egg certifications

You may see quail eggs labeled as cage-free, pasture-raised, free-range, or organic (or a combination of these terms). Regulatory bodies govern these terms, and products claiming to boast these certifications should include an official seal on their packaging. 

Quail eggs with a “Certified Humane” seal from Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) are pasture-raised. The USDA provides cage-free, free-range, and organic certifications. Eggs Unlimited offers additional egg certifications through American Humane Certified (AHC) and United Egg Producers (UEP).

Why Eggs Unlimited?

Eggs Unlimited is among the largest, most esteemed American egg distributors. With our size and connections, our infrastructure can meet our customers’ needs at all times. Even when supply chain disruptions occur, whether on one farm or across the industry, we can get our buyers the eggs they need.

We also use our network and knowledge to track changes in legislation and demand. With our forecasts and connections, we can help institutional buyers, quick-service restaurant franchises, and other types of large customers create a steady egg supply. Our reach is international, so we can supply you with eggs wherever you’re located. This flexibility is at the heart of our services.

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