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Secure your organic brown egg supply with Eggs Unlimited! Our experienced staff offers unmatched market perspective in real-time, while our strong relationships with farmers across the supply chain create broader access to organic shell eggs in a variety of packs. Our customers rely on us for unmatched service and competitive pricing, regardless of market conditions.

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What are organic brown eggs?

Organic brown eggs are brown eggs that meet the USDA’s organic requirements. Physically and nutritionally, brown eggs solely differ from white eggs in their color and their thicker shells. Organic brown eggs may be higher in price since hen breeds that lay brown eggs require more feed, and the costs of organic feed are higher than conventional feed. As a result, organic brown eggs can be more expensive than conventional or white eggs.

What makes an egg organic?

All eggs with USDA organic certification come from hens raised in accordance with the following USDA standards.

  • Feed. Hens that lay organic eggs must be fed solely organic, non-genetically modified feed. This feed cannot contain pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, animal byproducts, or chemical additives. Hens that lay organic eggs also lack antibiotics in their diets and can only receive antibiotics if medically necessary. 
  • Flock size. Organic eggs come from flocks of at most 3,000 hens.
  • Natural molting. Molting is the process of hens shedding old feathers and growing new ones. Hens that lay organic eggs must go through this process naturally.
  • Living conditions. Hens that lay organic eggs must live in cage-free spaces. All USDA cage-free criteria apply to organic hens as well.

What chickens lay brown eggs?

Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island Red hens are among the most common commercial hen breeds that lay brown eggs.

Organic brown egg certifications

Organic brown egg packaging must include a USDA seal to verify the eggs’ organic status. All organic eggs are also cage-free eggs by default since they meet all USDA cage-free criteria.

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Eggs Unlimited is a top global supplier of organic brown eggs. Our market insights and experienced-based insight help you make decisions that grow your business, and our diverse supply chains are resistant against sudden or unexpected market volatility that can limit supply. Our in-house team handles logistics from start to finish and finds creative solutions to meet your needs.

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