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More customers than ever are shopping for pasture-raised brown eggs. Are you ready to meet the moment? With Eggs Unlimited, you work with a full partner that offers diverse supply chains that keep pasture-raised brown eggs in stock. And when it comes time to expand your offerings, our decades of experience and market insights can help you make the best decisions for your business.

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What are pasture-raised brown eggs?

Pasture standards are 108.9 sq ft per bird, require that birds go outside for at least 6 hours per day (with the exception of confinement for no more than 14 consecutive days for emergencies only). Pasture should be rotated to allow for pasture recovery, and pastures must have water and shade provided.

Why are some pasture-raised eggs brown?

Certain breeds of hens lay brown eggs, whereas others lay white eggs. Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, and New Hampshire hens are among the breeds that lay brown eggs. 

When these hen breeds pass their eggs through their oviducts, a pigment called protoporphyrin IX grasps onto the eggshell. This pigment, which comes from the hen’s hemoglobin (a red blood cell protein), turns the shell brown. Hens that lay white eggs don’t deposit protoporphyrin IX onto the shell, so the white calcium carbonate remains visible.

Pasture-raised brown eggs certifications

Non-government bodies regulate the term “pasture-raised.” Brown and white eggs are subject to the same pasture-raised criteria. For example, a Certified Humane® seal from Humane Farm Animal Care indicates that the egg-laying hens are given at least 108 square feet of space. 

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