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As one of the leading cage-free egg suppliers, Eggs Unlimited offers our clients expertise and experience they use to make the best decisions to grow their business. As a full partner, we manage logistics, offer market insight, and navigate challenges to the supply chain, so your egg supply needs are met every time.

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What are cage-free white eggs?

Cage-free white eggs are sourced from laying hens that roam freely in indoor spaces. According to USDA cage-free guidelines, these hens must be able to move freely around their space, with full access to water and food. They must also have scratch areas, nesting boxes, perches, litter, and predator protection measures. 

Cage-free white eggs nutrition

Below is the nutritional information for a standard cage-free white egg.

Calories 60
Total Fat 4 g 
Saturated Fat 1 g 
Cholesterol 170 mg 
Sodium65 mg 
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 
Protein 6 g 

Difference between cage-free white eggs and cage-free brown eggs

The only major difference between cage-free white eggs and cage-free brown eggs is their color. This color is a function of the laying hen breed and entails no nutritional differences. Brown eggs may have a thicker shell, and they may be more expensive than white eggs since brown egg hen breeds require more feed, increasing production costs.

Why are white eggs white?

Egg colors depend on the hen breed. For example, common commercial egg-laying hens like White Rock, Cornish, and Leghorns lay white eggs, whereas Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire, and Plymouth Rock hens lay brown eggs.

Brown eggs are brown because their laying hens add a brown pigment from their hemoglobin, called protoporphyrin IX, when their eggs go through their oviducts. White eggs are white due to calcium carbonate comprising their shell. 

Cage free white eggs certifications

Cage-free white eggs will bear a seal from the USDA, which oversees cage-free guidelines and compliance. Cage-free white eggs may also be certified by United Egg Producers (UEP), and a UEP seal indicates this certification. Product that also meets pasture-raised standards will bear a Certified Humane® seal from American Humane (AH) or Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC).

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As a trusted egg supplier with decades of experience, Eggs Unlimited services and guides some of the world’s largest grocers, distributors, QSRs, and other large-scale food providers. Our robust and diverse networks successfully navigate supply challenges, while our market insight gives our customers access to the data that helps them make informed decisions. And while you’re focused on growing your business, we handle the logistics to get your orders to their destination, on time and on budget.

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