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Eggs Unlimited ranks among the most prominent global suppliers of organic eggs. We leverage our partnerships with domestic and international farms to meet your business needs in this steadily growing category of production. We offer organic eggs in many varieties, at reasonable prices, delivered directly to your place of business.

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What makes an egg organic?

In America, the standards for organic eggs are tightly controlled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the National Organic Program (NOP). Some of the most important parts of what makes an organic egg include:

  • What the hens are fed. Organic eggs must come from hens that have been fed only organic, non-genetically modified feed. This organic food cannot contain animal by-product, pesticides, chemical additives, or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Medication Policies. Organic eggs must come from hens that are not given medications unless there is a medical need to do so, such as an infection. Once it is determined that the hens require medications to treat a flock’s health issue, the flock leaves the organic market permanently.
  • Where and how the hens live. According to the USDA, organic eggs must come from hens raised in settings that allow natural behaviors, like dustbathing, perching, and nesting, and have access to the outdoors. Most frequently, this involves a permanent house with a cage-free system with either enclosed or open outdoor access.

Organic eggs vs. antibiotic-free eggs: What’s the difference?

“Organic” is a term that the USDA regulates. Part of the USDA’s requirements are that organic eggs must come from hens that do not regularly receive antibiotics. These hens may only receive antibiotics when medically necessary, such as to treat an infection. Once they are treated, the flock and its eggs leave the organic market. This ensures that no flock is withheld any necessary medical treatment when they are ill, while still ensuring all organic eggs are free of antibiotics.

The difference between “organic” and “antibiotic-free” comes from how the terms are used. The term “organic” is tightly monitored by the USDA, while the term “antibiotic-free eggs” is not managed by a regulatory body. 

Egg producers that use USDA Grade Shield packaging and organic marketing are subject to on-site farm visits at least once per year. During these visits, inspectors verify that the laying hens are housed in accordance with federal organic guidelines.

Organic eggs vs. cage-free eggs

Organic eggs and cage-free eggs refer to two distinct processes, but by definition, organic eggs must come from hens raised in cage-free environments with additional outdoor access. Cage-free hens are given room to roam inside their barn or other space, with free access to food and water, but are not required to have outdoor access. Eggs Unlimited offers both certified organic and certified cage-free eggs.

Organic guidelines mainly cover what the hens are fed and how they are raised. They also mandate that hens be able to access the outdoors. This is not a requirement for cage-free eggs.

Are organic eggs the same as vegetarian-fed eggs?

Hens laying organic eggs are not fed food that contains animal byproducts. Organic flocks are allowed to be fed organic aquatic by-product meals, like shrimp meal, but this is extremely rare and requires additional approval from certifying bodies. In general, organic eggs are fed vegetarian diets.

How do I know if my eggs are organic?

Organic egg labels and cartons will carry an official USDA Organic seal. You may also find that organic eggs have darker yolks or darker shells than conventional eggs. This is solely a visual difference and in no way affects the egg quality. It typically stems from minor differences in an organic hen’s diet.

Organic eggs certifications

The term “organic” is USDA-regulated. As such, USDA-approved certifiers to conduct site visits for all farmers, egg producers, and processors that use this term in their packaging and marketing. Egg suppliers also trace organic eggs back to hens that live in organic facilities to verify this designation.

The USDA AMS provides resources through their website if anyone is interested in becoming organic certified, or if there are further questions in regards to organic standards.

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Eggs Unlimited is one of the largest egg companies in the world. We are well-equipped to face shifting market dynamics and adapt to any challenge across the supply chain. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are able to keep up with demand and take advantage of real-time opportunities. Working with Eggs Unlimited gives clients access to our industry-leading network, and our curated team of market and logistical experts work tirelessly to solve problems quickly and effectively.


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